A sharp shooting pain or a constant dull pain in the tooth qualifies as toothache. It may be experienced when pressure is applied, such as while chewing or tapping. It can also be triggered from hot or cold food.
Often however, toothache can also develop spontaneously, without any immediate or clear trigger. This may sometimes be accompanied by a swelling of the gums or cheek, slight bleeding or a foul discharge from the affected part of the gums. If toothache lasts for longer than a day it should be treated. In case the pain is severe and also accompanied by a fever or headache, one should seek an emergency dentist appointment. From experience, quite often people tend to delay immediate attention because of the “Cost”. Yes, it may cost to get the toothache sorted immediately. But if we leave the toothache unattended too long, effectively, we are making a supposed-to-be “affordable dental treatment” into a costly dental repair.
For example (and this is what we see on a daily basis), John broke his tooth from eating minty. Initially he only felt a little sensitive to cold water. He left it, hoping it would go away. A few months later, the tooth suddenly became sensitive to hot and was painful to eat. Soon, it developed into a constant dull throbbing toothache that constantly woke John up at night. He was sleep deprived and had no choice but to see an emergency dentist. The dentist informed him that he had two options: An extraction or A expensive root canal treatment! Sounds familiar ? What just happened there in that few months ? John could have easily saved himself all the pain and agony by visiting getting an emergency dentist appointment to repair the broken tooth. The once affordable dental visit now ended with irreversible damage to the tooth.

Toothache Emergency?

Like many other medical conditions tooth decay is much more easily reversed with affordable dental treatment if detected early. A dental assessment will involve an examination, radiographs (X-rays) and other diagnostic tests as needed. Our dentists will evaluate if the treatment will consist of deep cleaning or medication including antibiotics to control an infection. In nearly all cases of toothache, seeking professional dental help in the early stages of discomfort will save significant amounts of time, money and pain. At Mokoia Road Dental Centre, we’re fully computerized and equipped with modern equipment to handle nearly every procedure in-house. Our dentists will discuss with you all different options to treat your toothache.

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