Adult Braces

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Adult Braces

It’s never too late to get braces as an adult. Braces is no longer exclusively for children or teenagers only. In fact, thanks to the advances in technology, more and more adults can now have straight and healthy teeth.

According to American academy of General Dentistry, more than 1 million adults in Canada and America wear braces. That is a staggering amount, and it is still increasing!  A beautiful smile can make a huge difference in your life. A beautiful smile gives you confidence. Remember the saying “First Impression Lasts? ” A beautiful smile attracts people around you. Our dentists at Mokoia Road Dental Centre  can help to create your beautiful and appealing smile. That is what we passionately do everyday.  Don’t put it off until tomorrow, come and see us today for a free orthodontic consultation. Our dentists can offer you many adult braces options. Let us help you achieve your dream smile.

Different Options for Adult Braces

1. Damon ™ Clear/Metal Braces

Damon ™ braces comes in both metal and clear brackets that suits a busy life of an adult. It creates more than just straight teeth, it creates a beautiful, full and wide smile. The innovative design of Damon brackets makes them more comfortable and easier to clean. Its tieless braces technology combined with  advanced archwire moves the teeth fast and more comfortably. Because it can self correct, less appointments are needed, this benefit well suited a person with a busy lifestyle.   Damon Clear is more resistant to coffee or tea discoloration, comparing to normal clear brackets. It is a clear choice when choosing adult braces.

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2.Invisalign ® Clear invisible Braces

Invisalign is a good option for adult braces if you want a discreet, clear and almost invisible orthodontic treatment. It is useful to correct mild to moderate bad bite.  The other benefits of Invisalign is you can take it off when you eat. It makes it easy to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene, especially helpful when you have a busy lifestyle.  Invisalign comes with a series of clear aligners (Invisalign Full, Invisalign Teen, Invisalign Lite and Invisalign i7). Your teeth are pre-programmed in the computer software in United States to move to the designated positions as you wear through the clear aligners. Once you finish all the aligners, you have straight and beautiful teeth ! Isn’t that easy. For more information about Invisalign and its cost and payment, click here.