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Even though we have been around for a while, we are constantly upgrading our equipment and technology to ensure that you are getting the best we can offer. Our Birkenhead dental practice is also fully computerised with digital diagnostic x-rays to keep you safe. Best of all, our dentists and staffs regularly keep up to date with the latest techniques and latest technology in dentistry. 

We offer a range of dental treatments, including general dental examination, scale and polish, dental fillings, dental crowns and bridges, root canal treatments, orthodontic treatments, whitening and cosmetic veneers, Invisalign, free dental treatments for high school students and free WINZ quote. We also welcome emergency dental treatments for pain relief.

Dental Services

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before and after tooth filling

Dental filling Materials​


Orthodontic Braces​

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General Dental Checkup

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Ultrasonic Scaling / Hygiene Treatment

Crack cracking

Emergency ACC Dental Services

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Free High School (under 18) Dental Benefit

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Root Canal Treatment

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

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Crowns/ Bridges/ Veneers

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