Teens Braces

Teen girl with braces

Teens Braces

Teens Braces is a new fashion. It is no longer an “ugly” or “uncool” thing wearing braces nowadays, like the “Ugly Betty Show” if you can still remember. You will probably notice that a lot of your friends wear braces as well to school. It is a great idea to get teeth straightened while you are growing as this will reduce the time you wear the orthodontic braces.

Your teeth moves faster through the bone because during pubertal growth phase, your bones are “softer” and your body metabolic rates are higher. As such, we recommend braces for girls around 11-12 and 13-14 for boys, or when you loose all your baby teeth, it is time for braces. There are of course some exceptional cases where you can wear a short term braces for correction of traumatic bite and have a rest before wearing a full braces. Come and see us for a free consultation and assessment. Don’t wait until tomorrow. Our dentists can advise different options for you. Let us help to make you look “cool”.

Different Options for Teen Braces

1. Damon ™ Clear/Metal Braces

Damon ™ braces comes in both metal and clear brackets that is suitable to correct mild to complicated cases. Extractions of teeth can be avoided most of the time as Damon braces expands the jaw to fit the teeth. It creates more than just straight teeth. It creates an appealing full and wide smile. Remember, First Impression Lasts. The size of newer version of Damon bracket is relatively smaller. Therefore it is easier to clean and more comfortable to wear. As with all Damon braces, its tieless technology together with high technology archwire moves the teeth faster and less painful. It’s a great choice for teens braces.

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2. Invisalign ® Clear invisible Braces for Teens

Do you know that even Justin Bieber wore Invisalign ?  Its discreetness makes it a good choice if you are really conscious of the look of braces. With Invisalign clear aligners, it is almost invisible to your friends in school. They probably will not even notice that you are wearing braces too. However, you need to be very discipline in wearing the Invisalign braces all the time, except during eating. It is super easy to maintain cleanliness as you can take it off after every meal to brush your teeth.  Invisalign braces come with a series of clear aligners (Invisalign Full, Invisalign Teens Braces, Invisalign Lite and Invisalign i7). It is useful to correct mild to moderate bad bite. The exact movement every single tooth are calculated and determined by the dentist with each clear aligners. Once you have finished wearing the set of aligners, you have straight teeth ! To read more about Invisalign and its cost and payment, click here.

3.Traditional Braces with IP (Individual Patient) Appliances
Traditional braces always its place in Orthodontics. Millions and millions of people now have straight and beautiful smile owing to the great teachers of Orthodontics and traditional braces. There are many types of traditional braces in the market. We use IP (Individual Patient) appliances  in our clinic. Because every face is different and every mouth is different, IP traditional braces is customized to fit every individual patient. Customized orthodontic braces means less visits to the dentist, less pain and faster treatment. Retention is also improved with IP appliances.